Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Will New Apple iPad Pro Come 2017?

In less than a month is expected the announcement of the new iPhone-based A10 7. The A10X variant with more powerful CPUs and GPUs will find a place in a future tablet from Cupertino. According to an analyst at KGI, Apple would have planned the launch of three iPads in 2017. Contrary to what is suggested, a second event planned for October would be reserved exclusively to the MacBook Pro. For 2018 is expected instead of a model with a flexible display. The current catalog includes two iPad Pro (12.9 and 9.7 inches) and the old iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 2. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the arrival on the market of an iPad Pro 2 by 12.9 inches A10X processor and an iPad "low cost" from 9.7 inches with an SLR A9X. The latter could replace the mini-series, which then would be eliminated to make way for a larger tablet. But the real news is supposed to be an iPad Pro by 10.5 inches, also with chip A10X made by TSMC with 10-nanometer process technology.

The new model would be directed to the commercial and educational, in practice, businesses, and schools. According to the latest data published by IDC, the tablet market is in crisis (lower deliveries of 12.3% compared to 2015), but sales of iPad showed excellent results on the enterprise market. Kuo believes, however, that despite increased choice for consumers, Apple will suffer a further decline of 10-20% in 2017.

iPad Pro 2: All the news

The iPad Pro 2 will be released soon with two new models including the iPad Pro Mini, innovation within the Apple lineup. When is scheduled to launch? The iPad Pro 2 How much it will cost? What's new and what has changed compared to the iPad Pro from 9.7 "and 12.9". In spring 2017 Apple will launch 3 new iPad Pro that will form the line of iPad Pro 2. The model could signal the end of 7.9 inch iPad Mini as we know it, and all three new iPad Pro 3.5 mm headphone jack will be deleted from your iPhone 7.

These are the latest rumors about the release of the iPad Pro 2 scheduled for next year. Here's all the information leaked so far about features, design, price and launch of the new iPad Pro 2 by 10.1 "and 9.7", and the iPad Pro Mini from 7.9. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, tech-savvy and often a forerunner of truthful news on the Apple world, claims that Cupertino is working on 3 models of iPad Pro 2: one from 10.1 ", one from 9.7" and finally a new iPad Pro "low cost" with flexible AMOLED screen 7.9 ".

According to rumors, Apple might present the new trio of iPad Pro in the spring of 2017, presumably in the month of March. In fact, during the keynote of March 21, 2016, the company unveiled the iPad's 9.7-inch Pro and the iPhone 8 itself. If Apple will honor the tradition next year, then the iPad Pro 2 and the new iPad Pro Mini will come out in March 2017. The 7.9-inch model, which is the first iPad Pro Mini ever, would replace the iPad Mini 4. At what price will the iPad Pro 2? When we walk around in rumors, so we have no official news on the cost of the new iPad pros of 2017. What is certain is that if the release of the iPad Pro Mini was confirmed, it would be the cheapest among new-generation iPad pro.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is iPhone 7 Came With LiFi?

iPhone 7 LiFi - Apple is exploring different avenues regarding a progressive information exchange innovation that offers the greatest rate of 224GB every second under lab conditions. It has energized theories that the up and coming iPhone 7 might gloat of this innovation that exchanges information by means of light. LiFi innovation is 100 times quicker than WiFi.

iPhone 7 Lifi

Is this prone to be an element with the iPhone 7? No way. The way things are today, Li-Fi, in spite of its guarantees of velocity, is still tormented with various confinements. At a base level, it can't work through dividers since, well, unmistakable light can't go through dividers. In this appreciation, Wi-Fi has a tremendous pragmatic favorable position. That as well as a Li-Fi empowered gadget needs an immediate observable pathway to an operational light sensor to work. This operational impediment, in any case, makes Li-Fi a more secure exchange convention than Wi-Fi.

The greatest downside to the innovation is that it can't go through dividers, since it requires an immediate viewable pathway between the transmitter and the client's gadget.

The gadget additionally should be inside of a three meter range of the transmitter to get the sign. The day when iPhone 7 hits the business sector this year could flag the demise of the Wi-Fi innovation. This probability rose after spilled data focuses to Apple's indicated advancement of super quick Li-Fi innovation for its new cell phone.

In the event that the Li-Fi innovation is, without a doubt, being actualized for the iPhone 7, fans would be in for a really propelled gadget. There is likewise gossip that shows how the most recent iPhone 7 would be super thin, requiring the disposal of the earphone jack, as per iPhone 7 Manual. The specs and components specified are, in this way, just hypotheses made by the talk factory. Apple is yet to affirm the theories encompassing its up and coming iPhone 7 and different gadgets.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

iPad Update To Latest iOS

Apple has released latest iOS with the latest emoji, bug fixes, and improved some of the other features. But unfortunately, Apple has patched the exploit loopholes used by Pangu for iOS Jailbreak iOS 9.1 update 9 on this.

Latest iOS is the first version of IOS that supports the iPad Model The largest ever made by Apple that iPad Pro.

Here is How to Install Update iOS on iPad Devices


1. Make it a habit before upgrading to the latest IOS, always check the compatibility of whether the latest iOS version is suitable or not. Here is a list of IOS devices that can use the latest iOS.

2. This is the most important! Get used to not forget the backup process before upgrading your iOS device to the latest iOS. There are two methods of backup that you can do via iCloud or iTunes. Same thing really both, but I would suggest to his data backup via iTunes only.

3. If you are planning to upgrade to iOS 9.1 using iTunes or practically no manual then the IPSW file which you must download it first. Later I include the link below yes.

4. If you are upgrading to latest iOS manually, then you need to update the version of iTunes. That is because to prevent the problems that will arise when this upgrade to latest iOS.

5. Turn off the Find My iPhone / iPad if it is active. How: Settings> iCloud. Then swipe keys of Find My iPhone (As of gray).

6. Finally, turn off the passcode. How: Settings> Passcode or Touch ID. Then select "Turn Off Passcode"

Upgrade process

Now, you ready to upgrade iOS manually. Here we go!

A. How to Update iOS via OTA

This one method is quite easy yes, why? You do not need iTunes, iCloud or other additional tools (iFunBox or IExplore to Jailbreak iOS devices). But, I own more advised to update to iOS 9.1 using iTunes. Min Why? Yes because the update via iTunes it just wrote like fresh install so, if there is the possibility of a crash via OTA but rarely does. Who want to try this update via OTA can do the steps below.

1. Open the Settings Menu. Select General.

2. Then select Software Update. Tap on the "Download" button.

After pressing the Download button, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you will download the firmware iOS, followed by the installation at the end. So, make sure you use the internet connection is stable and fast enough yes.

Oh yes, when the update process takes place via OTA iOS devices do not put you in a soft material so because it would heat buildup suggestions put on the table anyway wrote.

B. How to Update iOS via iTunes (Clean Install)

Now the second method is pretty much each step. But this much I recommend and the rate of success for the future is quite high (Halah min). First of all you have already installed the update iTunes for now. If not please downlad in the link I've provided above. Already prepared?

1. Download the firmware iOS first. Please you select the firmware below is based on the IOS device that you are using now. If still confused, you can read a guide that can help you to select the firmware iOS which is suitable for your iOS device.

2. If the download process has been completed you connect the device to the computer. After that iTunes will open automatically.

3. Click on the logo "Device" as shown below. Then select Summary.

4. For Windows users: You press the "Shift" followed by pressing and click "Check for Update". If it is then it will appear window to browse and select the firmware that you have previously downloaded.

For Mac users: You click You press the "Option" followed by clicking "Check for Update". If it is then it will appear window to browse and select the firmware that you have previously downloaded.

5. After that, the update process will run. Oh yes, to prevent errors during the update process make sure you are connected to an internet connection, because iTunes will verify the firmware iOS that you've previously downloaded to Apple's servers during the update process is done.

6. When the update process has successfully your device will reboot. Do not worry if the device to reboot more than once. Now you just have to follow the first-time setup of your new iOS.